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Meet the Team

Amy Angus

Head of Charity and Community

Amy Wilson

Fundraising Manager

Laura Messenger

Funding and Partnerships Manager
Asia and yellow lab Marlo

Asia Pickup

Colleague and Community Co-ordinator

Nikki Barker

Social Media Coordinator

Adam Thomas

VIP Lifelines Administrator

Beth McCray

Charity Relationship Coordinator

Nick Roper

Charity Coordinator
Anna Weffare Admin and her horses

Anna Macklin

Welfare Administrator
Amy and her Jackapoo dog Bonnie

Amy Cooke

Fundraising Coordinator
Emma sitting at a table with a drink and food.

Emma Noble

Veterinary Welfare Advisor

The Trustees

The board of trustees are responsible for the management of the charity and allocation of funding. Each of our trustees are pet lovers who strive to deliver our mission across the country.

William Hewish – Chair

Adrian Bates

Jill Naylor

Andrew Bickerton

Dr Catriona Curtis