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Nick Roper

Job title
Charity Coordinator
Time at the charity
I joined on 27th June! Worked for Pets At Home Customer Service since October 2019.
Quick summary of your role
My job is to work with the community partners, help the processing of grant applications and support my fellow foundation colleagues.
What do you love most about working at Pets Foundation?
Working with so many great people both inside and outside of Pets At Home, who are doing wonderful things for the pets we all love. It's nice to have a positive affect on the world no matter how big or small.
What pet do you have at home?
I have five cats, Sooty, Marmalade, Jam, Poppy and Scrappy. Also, I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Buddy, who is literally my best mate in the world.
What’s your favourite type of pet?
Cats and Dogs
What is your most memorable rescue experience?
As I’m new to the team, I’m looking forward to more experiences. However in December last year, I helped Bliss Cavalier rescue with their Christmas fundraiser as their photographer for Santa Paws.
What are you most excited for this year at the Foundation?
Literally everything. I worked in customer-facing roles since I was 20 so everything is a new experience. I know we have conferences to go to, so I am really looking forward to them.
Where are you most likely to be found in your job?
A split between home and the office, where am I though, Buddy will be snoring at my feet! I am looking forward days on the road to visit charities and community partners!