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Beth McCray

Job title
Charity Relationship Coordinator
Time at the charity
I joined the Charity Team in June 2022 but had previously worked within Pets since September 2020.
Quick summary of your role
I am responsible for building and maintaining relationships with the Foundation’s beneficiaries, Community Partners and also potential new charities looking to make applications. I am here to provide advice and guidance to rescues and charities on how to process an application. This then ensures we have everything we need in order to present this to our Trustees so they can make an informed decision on who and what to fund. I also have the pleasure of visiting the rescues/charities so we can learn more about what they do.
What do you love most about working at Pets Foundation?
I love working with an incredible team of people with a shared goal of making the world a better place for pets and the people who love them. As my role revolves around building relationships and visiting Community Partners and Grant applicants, it’s truly heartening to see the difference grants and donations can make to the charitable organisations we support.
What pet do you have at home?
I have my cheeky boy Albus, who has the longest dog breed name - a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever and a sassy personality to match!
What’s your favourite type of pet?
My first pets were guinea pigs so they hold a special place in my heart but I am definitely a dog mum! I truly love all pets & animals and I hope to expand my furry family soon.
What is your most memorable rescue experience?
Getting to visit Northern Ireland with Rebecca, where we attended a conference focussing on the ongoing struggles Irish rescues are facing and getting an insight into how we can support them. We also got to visit a couple of pet rescues while we were over there – one of which we got to meet a litter of 6 week old terrier puppies aka heaven!!
What are you most excited for this year at the Foundation?
Going into 2024, I am excited to continue to support pet rescues of all sizes to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome as many pets as possible. I’m also particularly excited about the Foundation expanding our grant programme towards supporting organisations in delivering projects to prevent pet relinquishment through helping individuals to keep their pets in loving homes. I’m looking forward to hearing about the amount of people and pets this grant funding will help.
Where are you most likely to be found in your job?
You’ll find me with a brew in hand either in the office or working from home. Most likely I’ll be juggling work calls and throwing the ball for my very needy personal assistant Albus!