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Laura Messenger

Job title
Funding and Partnerships Manager
Time at the charity
Four years
Quick summary of your role
I look after the charity’s grant funding programme. I provide advice to rescues on how to make an application, I read all the applications and work with the rescue to make sure we’ve got everything we need, I’ll often visit the rescue so we can learn more about them, and I’ll put everything together for our Trustees so they can make a decision on who and what to fund. I then do everything needed after an application, from letting the rescues know they’ve been successful (or unsuccessful) to checking that donations have been spent appropriately
What do you love most about working at Pets Foundation?
I used to be a fundraiser at a small rescue, so I know the difference that any donation makes to the volunteers, staff and animals. Because I visit so many grant applicants I really get to see the hard work that rescues of all shapes and sizes are doing to help pets find a new home. I also get to meet a huge variety of pets!
What pet do you have at home?
None! My husband has severe asthma so we are a pet-free household. I would like to adopt several rabbits when my little boy is older
What’s your favourite type of pet?
What is your most memorable rescue experience?
Being allowed to microchip a stray cat; under vet supervision of course!
What are you most excited for this year at the Foundation?
We support more rescues than any other grant funder in the UK, which puts us in a unique position. I want to use this to find new ways to help rescues make a long-term difference to pets
Where are you most likely to be found in your job?
Either in the office with my head buried in paperwork… or getting cat cuddles at a rescue!