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Celebrating 12 months of The Freedom Project in Scotland

In November 2018 Pets Foundation gave The Dogs Trust £23,000 towards their Freedom Project in Scotland.

This service provides foster care for pets so their owners can flee domestic abuse. Sadly, many perpetrators of domestic violence will use pets as a means of control, and in some cases abuse the animal. Many refuges are unable to accommodate pets, so some families feel unable to flee and find safety without knowing their pet will also be safe.

On arrival all dogs receive a check-up, treatment for injuries and illnesses, and are neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. They are placed with a foster carer, and send the owner regular photos and updates so they know their dog is being cared for.

The grant from Pets Foundation has helped The Dogs Trust to:

  • increase the number of dogs helped from 2 to 8 every month
  • recruit more foster carers
  • help 26 families across Scotland escape domestic abuse

In the words of the Freedom Project’s own Outreach Manager: “There is nothing better in the world than reuniting a family with their pet once they have relocated and settled into a new home. It’s simply the best feeling.”